Sunday, 17 February 2013

Month 2 complete - and then some!

Ok, so for this month I set myself the task of painting up the Death Company so I'd have a second troops squad painted up.

Only problem is I got a little carried away and ended up painting more than I had originally intended - oh well, I'll just have to paint even more stuff in the rest of this month/March!

First of all, here's the finished Death Company - I've armed them with bolters as their relentless rule means they can rapid fire with these and then still assault the enemy. To help with that I've given them a couple of power weapons and a power fist for those more heavily armoured targets!

All they really need now is a chaplain to lead them (perhaps next month!)

I've also painted up a land raider redeemer to carry Captain Galad and his squad (painted last month) around the board. I press-moulded the grail symbol from a Bretonian banner then made a green stuff cast of it. Then I stuck a couple of Bretonian shields on the side and painted them up to match the heraldry on the captain's knee pad. As a final touch, I named this noble steed - Concorde. Sweet Concorde - bonus points for anyone who spots the reference!

And I started painting a squad of scouts. Three of them are done, and the other two will probably be finished tonight. I've decided to call the middle one Depardiu as he does look quite a bit like Gerard Depardiu to me! These guys should be able to guide any deep striking troops down bang on target, as well as roughing any enemies up they come across!

Then as a final touch - here's a couple of veteran models I did a test paint on -

The Vanguard veteran has Sanguinary Guard legs and jump pack, and a grey knight head.

The Terminator has a Sanguinary Guard torso on a Grey Knight back piece and has a Grey Knight terminator helm. The shield is the symbol from the Sanguinary Guard banner top mounted on a simple plastic shield.

And lastly, an Iron Hand space marine. I decided I wanted some heavy fire support for the army, and thought the best way to do that would be to add some heavy duty allies from the regular Space Marines codex. Eventually there will be a squad of 10 of these painted up, along with a Master of the Forge with Conversion Beamer and another techmarine with a Thunderfire cannon.

Right, that's it - I'm off to paint some dreadnoughts!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Back in the Game

Well it all seems quiet on the Panic Rising Blog, so I thought I'd post a quick update-

There's two parts to this (well three, as the blogger iPhone app won't let me post photos anywhere but the end)... The second being my own hobby progress. The first is this-Community (not the TV show).

Having the blog and Facebook group for the Army Challenge has been awesome, BUT, more importantly, has reminded me of one of the big reasons why I like playing with small plastic soldiers (also known as Man-Barbies): the community of like minded geek culture and beer drinking that accompanies it! I don't get much beer drinking in at the moment, as my boy is still too young to join in, but I have loved seeing the posts on everyone else's work, as well as getting advice and feed back on my own! I have even had a fellow gamer post me some zombie bits out of the goodness of his heart (the wonderful BEN), which was AWESOME of him, and very generous! This kind of exchange is brilliant.

This may get a little sentimental, but getting to build this sense of community through mutual banter and hobbying advice has both made me very happy, and also really inspired me to keep sneaking in an extra coat of paint here, and some more plastic scythes on a model there..! I am certainly checking FB a lot more often than necessary, after posting a painting or modelling picture, to see what people think of it!

The other thing that is very helpful is a deadline-I've got it into my head that I can get 1750 points painted by march to use at The Spikey Clubs SVA event (with the knowledge that I can borrow some chaos allies if needs be - thanks 6th!) - so paint brushes ahoy, and I'll crush (I mean 'see') you at SVA!


Painted up 5 immortals- fun, and not too taxing...
Built a couple of wraiths-great, but the decision to put decomposing cyber zombies controlling them has made them a big project. 3 more to build!
3 Crypteks built-enjoyed making these guys a lot-they feel very unique!

Also sourced loads of bits for other junky robots, and cyber zombies-as well as vehicles - which will be pretty big conversions! Including the Manifactorum terrain set, for building junkloader ghost arks!