Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Some call him.... Tim!

Slightly overdue, but here's a Blood Angels update. March was dreadnought month! I painted three dreads over the end of Feb/early March. Since I had the time, I also painted up a drop pod for the Death Company or their dreadnought compatriot.

So here's the photos!

First here's the Death Company dread - Brother Mordred - and his deep striking transport. I talked it over with people and decided on Blood Talons for him in the end. Despite meaning it drops him down to AP3 rather than the usual AP2, but the ability to throw himself into a squad and start mincing them with his Blood Rage ability was too tempting to pass up. He's had two games to try his luck in so far. In the first one he was taken out by glancing hits fired at him with snapshots (a very ignominious demise for such a noble warrior). In the second game against my pal Marcus' orks, he minced a unit of grots that dared to fire a quad autocannon at him, then turned round and roasted a unit of stormboyz with his heavy flamer. Despite his best efforts, he couldn't extricate the ork Big Mek from the second story building in which he was hiding.

 Next up, the Venerable Furioso Librarian Brother Timmerklynn (some call him... Tim). I knocked this guy together from the Venerable Dreadnought kit and some spare bits from the Furioso kit used for the next dread. I ummed and ahhed over what colour scheme to go with for this guy as a lot of art and the GW eavy metal collection show Librarian dreads painted red with just a blue sarcophagus. I decided I wanted him to stand out though, and given that regular librarians are completely blue armoured, I felt that Tim should be painted the same way.

Much like Mordred, in his first game he was glanced to death with repeated hits from plasma guns. In the game against the orks though, he chopped through one squad of orks after another, more than proving his worth and flitting around the board on pyschically created Wings of Sanguinius.

The shield on the side of his arm is from a Dreadknight box. I thought it might look good as a sort of image of one of the noble deeds he accomplished before being placed in the sarcophagus. Of course, now I feel I need to convert him on foot and maybe convert a model of the Slaaneshi Demon Prince he is clearly fighting...

Finally we have the other Furioso, Brother Bors (chop it's head off Bors!). I went for a Frag cannon on him as it's just too fun not to have one for the purposes of snapfire (2xD3 Str6 Rending automatic hits!). He was made with the spare bits from the Venerable kit so he has slightly more ornate leg armour and the cool fist shaped dreadnought close combat weapon. He was cruelly shot down by a Forgefiend's autocannon dire in his first game in the very first turn without even moving an inch! In his second game though he smashed apart a truck load of boys, then got stuck into the rest of the ork army, helping me fight to a hard fought draw!

The white blood droplet marks him out as a member of the 3rd company.

Right, that's it for now - off to nag some of the others to get off their arses and post some pics of their works in progress. During the rest of March I finished off some allies for the army - will post some pics of them shortly. At the moment I'm working on the rest of the terminator squad. Details on them later this month!

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