Thursday, 24 January 2013

Horror In the Scrapyard: month 1 complete!

So this month has worked out well for me-my Cybermancer (overlord on catacomb command barge) and 15 scrapcrons have risen from the junk of a hive world and are fully painted and based!

I've been painting in short bursts of an hour here and there, after the boy has gone to sleep, and whilst watching DVDs with the missus... After five or more years its great to get back into the hobby!

The broken down feel has been very interesting to work on-from salt masking on the armour of the Cybermancer, and command barge, to the rust and oil stains on the scrapcron warriors... Over the top of shading, highlights etc. the Living zombie head of the Cybermancer really makes him pop amongst the other colours, and I couldn't resist the dripping blood from his in and out tubes. Honestly, the hardest part has been the hazard stripes on the tube on his head, all done by hand!

Next month I think is immortals, 5 more warriors and a ghost ark... But might scale down to just immortals depending on busyness... But for now, don't go done to the scrap yard at night... And recycle. That's important too...

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